Online/In-App Shopping Services

Sinclair has proven experience in providing effective customer research for online shopping services for national and regional chains as well as independent retailers, helping management improve and maintain their customer service, customer loyalty programs, as well as sale and new product promotions.

We will evaluate all of the different components of your service standards from multiple devices and pinpoint the areas that need further improvement. We not only provide you insightful data to improve performance, but also provide customer satisfaction surveys and social media monitoring to identify your customers' key drivers of satisfaction to help align your operations to your customers' expectations. Our services are tailored for all types of online shopping operations.

Assess operational performance in areas such as customer service, order completion, and checkout options

Capture key item pricing of your competitors

Encourage consistent messaging and living the brand through your representatives

Ensure the effective launch of new services and marketing promotions across the site

Establish priorities for improvement that best leverages what you know about your customer and will generate the highest returns

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers' attitudes and perceptions ofproduct selection, order delivery time, and overall satisfaction

Identify your customers' key drivers of satisfaction

Learn what engages your customers in the last ten feet of their experience

Uncover additional revenue opportunities

Online/In-App Product Types Include

Specialty Retailers

Shopping Websites

Service Providers

online delivery

mobile apps

website development

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