Proven Experience Coupled with Proprietary Reporting for Better Insight

Today, your customer’s opinions on experiences with your company are more vital than ever. With the continued popularity of social media platforms, online reviews, and simple word-of-mouth referrals, you need to stay one step ahead of what customers experience with your products, service, facilities, and other touch points.

Sinclair designs measurement programs to meet each client’s specific research objectives using our innovative methodologies and market knowledge gained over three decades of experience as well as utilizing our proprietary reporting platform.

Our automated internal processes enable us to manage small, medium, and large programs in stride, and deliver more data for less cost than measurement programs of years past. The results for our clients are clear and meaningful metrics delivered in the most cost-effective and actionable form possible.

Customer Service, Customer Satisfaction, and Employee Satisfaction

Three important metrics every business should track. Each metric is independently informative, but added value is discovered when relationships are identified. Every program we provide factors in available metrics from other interrelated areas, thus boosting the program's overall effectiveness.

Good Metrics Coupled with Proprietary Reporting Lead to Better Decisions

Whether your objectives target customer satisfaction, shopper experience, quality control or even employee morale, we can provide a transformational measurement program that addresses your specific requirements. More importantly, valuable metrics require state-of-the-art technology and proprietary reporting. If you seek a sharper view of your service performance and a deeper understanding of what it takes to satisfy your customers, we invite you to take a close look at the services we provide.
Proprietary Reporting helps you find opportunities for effective change management
Customized Employee Training
Scoring Methodology beyond Yes/No Responses
Comprehensive Ad Hoc Reporting Delivery

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