Banking and Financial Services

Consumer skepticism regarding the banking and financial services industry has made effectively measuring the interaction that goes on between a bank's front-line employees and their customers even more critical to maintain loyalty and increase cross-selling opportunities with collaborative services. Sinclair has proven experience in providing effective customer research for national and super regional banks, helping management reach their goals for growing and managing their customer service, customer loyalty, and ultimately their bottom line.

No matter the ebbs and flows of the banking and financial services industry, at its core, it is still about serving the customer’s needs for personalized service to their financial needs. Banks face tough challenges in meeting their customers' expectations and preventing defection while keeping their operations within budget.

We provide actionable metrics derived from skillful measurement of various touch-points between customer and teller, platform specialist, drive-thru associate, investment advisor, loan consultant, and bank telephone protocols. Our services are tailored for all types of financial institutions:

Assess operational performance at teller stations, platform, and drive-thru

Automatically deliver performance-based training or rewards at the individual location level

Encourage consistent messaging and living the brand through your employees

Ensure the effective launch of new products and marketing promotions across all of your locations

Ensure your associates are consistently up-selling and cross-selling products at the point of sale

Establish priorities for improvement that best leverages what you know about your customer to generate the highest returns

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers' attitudes and perceptions of product selection, product quality, wait time, and overall satisfaction

Highlight your top-performing locations, and establish performance benchmarks

Identify your customers' key drivers of satisfaction

Learn what engages your customers in the last ten feet of their experience

Track performance down to each individual location and employee

Uncover additional revenue opportunities

Location Types Include


Savings & Loans

Credit Unions

Mortgage Lenders

Investment Advisors

Short-term Loan Services

Auto Loan Services

Payday Loan Services


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