Since 1987, Sinclair Customer Metrics has advanced the art of mystery shopping, leveraging the latest technology to its fullest potential. Through Sinclair's discrete video mystery shopping you can see the entire customer experience, from the moment the customer starts walking toward your location, to the time they leave.

Don't Just Read About The Shopper's Experience, See It

Our hidden camera captures a considerable amount of information and takes compliance assessment beyond the score numbers. Not only does it confirm if compliance was met, but it shows to what degree compliance was met starting with the exterior appearance and interior ambience of the location, the associate's appearance, how they greeted the customer, their level of enthusiasm, how they answered the customer's questions, product knowledge, and more. With the use of a covert camera, there is never any doubt if the employee was properly identified and what the customer experienced during their visit.

After a video shop is completed it is sent immediately back to our office where quality control editors review the video and mystery shop report for accuracy. Within 48 hours, you receive an e-mail notifying you that your video shop has been posted on our ultra secure web server for you and your organization to view on the internet.

Consider the Benefits:
  • Can be used to examine problem areas more closely, particularly with low scoring locations
  • Helps resolve disputes about assessments
  • Helps alleviate challenges between management and associates
  • Reveals mannerisms and nuances of the associates
  • Shows degree of compliance
  • Can be used as a training tool
  • Helps overcome learning challenges
  • Helps to increase performance and minimizes problems with underperforming associates
  • Dedicated associates are recognized and renew their commitment
  • Can be used on an "as needed" basis

If you'd like to hear more about the services we can provide your company, please call to speak with one of our Measurement Consultants: (800) 600-3871 or email us:

See It All Within Your NetReports®

Get a customer's candid view of their experience with your organization. View your Mystery Shop Videos and photos on your computer through your NetReports reporting site that we customize for you.


When you use Sinclair's Video Mystery Shop program you have the latest technology available providing indisputable proof of your associates' performance that will help you make improvements in your operations and customer service.

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