NetReports® is Sinclair Customer Metrics proprietary reporting web application. The current version is the result of numerous previous versions dating back more than twenty years (our original Insight application was DOS based). Carrying forward and improving what worked well for clients and dropping what didn't, today's NetReports® is truly an effective change management tool. Learn More >

NetReports® provides your DiMetric® excellence scores together with your compliance scores conveniently, side by side, on your customized executive view dashboard.

Customized Employee Training

NetReports' e-Coach™ automatically delivers store-level training to locations performing below standards.

NR e-Coach™ delivers alerts through email and/or reports to managers and specific store employees that directs them to customized training modules.

Training is online and can be augmented with photos and video. Verification, status reports and tracking is provided to management for follow-up.

If you'd like to hear more about the services we can provide your company, please call to speak with one of our Measurement Consultants: (800) 600-3871 or email us:

NetReports® delivers your entire customer measurement data in one easy to use, online reporting system.

You Get More For Your Research Budget With NetReports®:

  • Action Plan Tracking
  • Action Triggers
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Advanced Query and Filtering Capability
  • Automatic Report Updates
  • Color Coded Tracking of Viewed Reports
  • Controlled Access Levels
  • Cross Tab Report
  • Cumulative Response Comparison
  • Custom Category Reports
  • Customer Callback Tracking
  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Customizable Skins and Menu System
  • DiMetric® Score Report
  • Employee Summary Report
  • Executive and Managerial Views
  • GeoMaps
  • Individual Response Report
  • Individual Shop Reports
  • Multiple Graphical and Tabular Views
  • Multivariate Analysis
  • NR e-Coach™ Employee Training