***Attention Potential Shoppers***
Please be aware of a new fraudulent scheme occurring under the name of Sinclair Customer Metrics. This scheme involves mailing an unsolicited check to various shoppers, and requesting that they deposit the check, withdraw a set amount, and wire this amount by way of Western Union to a location in South Africa. This request is dressed up as a secret shop on Western Union, but it is actually a scheme to have you deposit a bogus check, withdraw your own money from your bank account and wire the money before the bogus check gets returned to your bank. The shopping instructions reference our actual President, Robert Sinclair, and our accountant, James Rightmire, but it is a scam. If you carry out the instructions, you will be wiring your own money to crooks outside of the country, as well as earning hefty bank fees from your own financial instutution for depositing an invalid check. If you are a victim of this fraud, you can file a complaint at the government website IC3.GOV.